UltraGirl Meets Skullkid

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Skullkid was told by an unknown person to meet them at another location so they could wrestle him. But Skullkid walks in to a surprise from a superhero who goes by UltraGirl which has taken the industry by storm. Skullkid shocked and baffled goes for some punches that does no damage to the hero. He tries choking her and that still does no damage. UltraGirl begins to choke Skullkid after punching Skullkid in the stomach causing him to feel pain. Which is a rare occurrence. Skullkid panics that UltraGirl is going to be the one to finally end his undefeated streak and choke him out. Skullkid removes UltraGirls magic belt out of panic and does a punch which he then realizes she can now feel pain. Apparently, the removal of the belt has caused her to lose her powers. And from there on Skullkid absolutely destroys UltraGirl in a one sided clip. Skullkid even towards the end injects himself with powers. Giving him super strength and doing a brutal finish to UltraGirl. By crushing her windpipe. Snapping her neck, then crushing everything in her skull. Had Skullkid not removed the belt. We may have seen him finally lose. But Skullkid prevails and defeats the popular superhero and makes her another victim.

This clip includes



Limp Checks

Face Play

Nightstick Hits & Chokes

Chain Whipping & Choking

Hammer Hits

3 Count Leg Hook Pin

3 Count Regular Pin

Cobra Clutch


Ragdoll Drag

Stomps To Head

Boots Removal

Windpipe Crush

Neck Snap

Rear Naked Choke/The Lifeless Choke

10 Count Double Handed Press Pin

Another Victim Paper Humiliation

Your winner: Skullkid

Credit to Kevin Macleod for Skullkid theme

Credit to MaxKoMusic - Dark Ages for UltraGirl Theme

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UltraGirl Meets Skullkid

0 ratings
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